Within the last few weeks, and actually almost daily, the world is changing significantly. The COVID-19 outbreak has created a new reality for all of us, at least temporarily.

Many of you are asking questions – how are home values affected? Is this a good time to buy or sell? Are realtors still working? We will continue to answer these and other questions for you – if you have a specific question please feel to reach out to us - WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Real Estate has been acknowledged as an essential service by the Ontario Government – but it is NOT business as usual. Our priority is to stay safe and to follow all of the government guidelines to flatten the curve, in order to keep everyone safe. As an essential service - we were able to assist those clients who had bought or sold prior to the state of emergency being declared.

With that being said, there will be a few people out there who MUST buy or sell a property in the short term for a whole host of reasons. These people will need the services of a professional REALTOR® to help them navigate through these uncertain times. If it is essential that you buy or sell right now – we can help you. We have implemented a high standard of safety in how we conduct our business so we can all be safe and stay healthy. Please call us if you want more details of our “safety first approach” or if you need immediate professional real estate assistance.

The main question we are being asked is: How has Covid-19 affected my home value? Although it is very difficult to say how house prices will be affected and for how long after this is over – we are continuing to monitor the market daily and can provide you with information as it relates to your home. Remember – everyone needs a roof over their heads and there is still a housing shortage in Toronto.

Let’s all do our part! Be Home. Be Safe. Be Healthy. We hope to see you soon.

Remember, we’re all in this together. Stay positive and know that things will get better!

Heather, Gabby and Ross

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