Virtual Uplifting Party Review

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Virtual Uplifting Party Review

Review of the 1st Virtual Uplifting Party

I want to send a Huge Thank You to all of you for making our first Virtual Uplifting Party so successful!


To the incredible presenters for donating their time, energy and fantastic very useful demonstrations (in order of presentation time):

  • Penny Lee Physiotherapist
  • Jennifer Beckford Designer
  • Dino Dilio Make Up Artist
  • Jennifer Tryon Crafter
  • Kathryn McLean Chef
  • Liz Furlong Mixologist


  • to my brother Ross Macdonald (and team member) for his amazing help throughout the day;
  • to Mike Wrobel (Manager of Royal LePage Learning Services) for his guidance & expertise on how to operate a Zoom webinar;
  • to Carly Neill (Fundraising & Communications Manager – Royal LePage Shelter Foundation) for her advice and support;
  • to the hero’s from Julliette’s Place who spoke to us about the Shelter  
  • and of course, to everyone who participated and/or donated to this worthwhile cause.

I am attaching a link to the video and highlights of the day below so you can watch it again or watch any part that you missed.  I am also attaching further information from the presenters.


*** If someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please visit to find the 24/7 emergency crisis line for a women’s shelter near you.  During this time, you can get advice and safety planning through their crisis line without moving into the shelter.  The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation is proud to be a founding national partner of this website run by Women’s Shelters Canada.


At this Uplifting Party we raised almost $6,000.00 for Julliette’s Place, our local Shelter, and there is still time to donate, if you are able to.  100% of donations are directed to Julliette’s Place, via the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation.


Note: The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation issues tax receipts in February for gifts of $20 or more made in the previous calendar year. 


Thank you for your generousity.


The following is a breakdown of our 1st Uplifting Party and where to fast forward to for each speaker.


Physiotherapist Penny Lee – move the slider to 5:39 to watch this portion of the day.

Penny demonstrated some simple and easy exercises that you can do at home without special equipment to relieve stress and increase strength.  

We all loved her quote “Motion is Lotion”.  It is so important to keep moving!  Penny told us that sitting for more than 45 minutes to an hour is not good for us.  Many of her exercises can be done sitting – so if you have to sit for a longer period of time – you can still get some movement.  She also gave us important stretches that we should do after walking.  

Penny has kept her practice (located at Port Union and Lawrence) small and exclusive.  At least 90 percent of her clients are from referrals.  Penny can be reached at or 416-797-8023.


Designer Jennifer Beckford from Imajen Design and Décor  move the slider over to 1:01:18 to watch this portion of the day.

These two empowering women, Jennifer Beckford and her business partner, Asha Mattis, demonstrated how they helped a young couple redesign and beautify their small bedroom.  They described the process “Utilizing Your Space” step by step.  This 4-step process included Trading Storage & Living Space; Lighting; Furniture Placement; and Adding Personality.  It was incredible to see the difference by making slight changes to the room how much bigger, brighter, efficient and welcoming the room felt.

Jennifer and Asha discussed budgets and that even with a very small budget a room can be beautified. Information on painting furniture and ideas on filling a bookcase were also shared.

Imajen Design and Décor offers interior decorating, home staging, color consulting, and styling for showrooms

Jennifer donated a $100 gift card from ImajenCongratulations to Catherine Balfour who won this.

Check out their website:



Make-up Artist Dino Dilio - move the slider over to 2:04:36 to watch this portion of the day.

Dino’s philosophy is – “Simple is Sophisticated” and teaches Real Beauty for Real Life!

Dino demonstrated his 5-minute make up routine on his beautiful model Kristie Vinet (who is also Dino’s Brand Consultant). 

All of Dino’s tips and tricks are designed to make you look amazing all the while saving you precious time.  My favorites are warming up the concealer, the proper way to put on mascara, how to choose a lip colour, the blush line zone as well as the brow and eyeliner tricks.

Dino is not only offering a great package of products featured in his presentation at a reduced rate, but is also donating 10% of the sales to Julliette’s Place.  This offer is good till September 30th.

Special Introductory Offer:

Get all the DDB Makeup products featured in Dino’s  5 Minute Makeup Presentation.

This Customized Kit Includes:

  • Double Duty Mineral Concealer
  • Mineral Powder Foundation and Cutie Kabuki Brush
  • Brow Stylist Pencil
  • Pretty Powder Blush
  • Luxe Lip Gloss or Satin Smooth Lipstick

Value: Value: $160

Introductory Price: $135

You Save:  $25

Valid Until: September 30th, 2020

10% of sales will be donated to Julliette’s Place

Dino also offers Virtual Consultations to help people pick the right shades.

Dino also donated a personal makeup lesson Congratulations to Jan Isenor who won this.

Check out Dino’s website:


**Want to know how to wear a disposable mask properly? I demonstrate it at 2:52:21 **


Crafter Jennifer Tryon move the slider over to: 3:37:00 to watch this portion of the day.

Jennifer showed us how to make an easy yarn wreath giving us tips and tricks along the way.  Jen has always found crafting and making things to be not only rewarding, but relaxing.  This wreath is something you can make while watching television or chatting with some friends outside or even on a Zoom call.  I haven’t finished mine yet – but it is coming.

While we were learning how to make the wreath, Jennifer described how she transitioned from her job as a National television journalist to her dream job – being a full-time crafter/DIY.  Jennifer now does what she loves full time.  A great inspiring story for anyone who wants to follow their dream.

Jennifer also showed us what a die cutting machine is and what it does.  For me, the highlight was how to tie a perfect bow.


One topic we talked about was “Laundry Stripping”.  I would really suggest that you check out her website and try it.  I did yesterday on some “just washed” sheets and towels and couldn’t believe the grime that came out.

Check out Jennifer’s website and follow her:


Carly Neill (Fundraising & Communications Manager - Royal LePage Shelter Foundation) came on at 4:38:18 and talked about The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. 

Then at 4:58:00 the “Heroes” of Julliette’s Place, (Margaret Haynes-Bailey, Jiin Yiong and Simone Cornslissen), joined us to explain how the pandemic has impacted women experiencing violence and how social distancing guidelines have affected the Shelter’s operations. They described how difficult is has been not only for the workers but also for the residents as well.

To find out more about the Shelter:


Chef – Kathryn McLean – move the slider over to: 6:05:45 to watch this portion of the day.

Kathryn showed us how to prepare an entire healthy balanced mouth-watering meal in under 30 minutes. The meal was cod with onion, tomatoes and olives, a Greek style salad and couscous. This dish is an easy way to learn how to cook with fish as the fish stays moist and doesn’t dry out – which is a problem with most fish dishes.  She demonstrated many tips and tricks to make cooking easier and more interesting.  As a mother Kathryn realizes that people have different likes and dislikes and explains how you can make adjustments to this recipe.

I made the entire meal - it was delicious and was devoured!  I will definitely be making it again. 

Kathryn’s services include catering and cooking lessons.  The entire recipe plus other great recipes and ideas are on Kathryn’s website:  

Follow her on social media: Instagram/Facebook: All Food Thoughts


Liz Furlong – Mixologist move the slider to 7:03:00 to watch this portion of the day. –  If you would like to view the last ten minutes of her presentation please email us and we can send it to you.

Liz started by giving us a quick Bartending 101 course so that you can make cocktails like a professional and impress your friends. This included how everyday household items can be used as bartending tools, the importance of fresh ingredients and the difference a glass can make. 

Liz then demonstrated how to infuse lots of different and interesting flavours into a liquor to enhance and bump up your cocktail. The trick of rimming a glass with colourful salts was also revealed.  The cocktails I made were yummy!

Liz owns a hidden speakeasy in San Jose, Costa Rica called “Bebedero”.  When this pandemic is over, and we can travel, I hope to visit her.  In the meantime, Liz has been doing cocktail Zoom parties. 

Liz can be reached at:


Instagram: @misslizfurlong

Facebook: misslizfurlong


And that concludes our 1st Virtual Uplifting Party.

We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did, and, if you can, please donate to the Shelter and support our amazing presenters.


Note: The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation issues tax receipts in February for gifts of $20 or more made in the previous calendar year. 


Thanks again,

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